A study in epic songwriting

Some time ago, I Built the Sky informed us that The Sky is Not the Limit, and this subsequent release shows how true that statement was.

The Zenith Rise does indeed see Sydney guitarist Rowan Stevenson’s music  blast off on a conceptual journey through the stratosphere and into the depths of space. As the niche for progressive instrumental music widens, it needs artists of true quality to fill it, and this album has it in spades – glorious production, outstanding playing and, most importantly for this type of thing, a strong gift for story-telling through song.

Stevenson’s mastery of his instrument is astounding, ablaze with breathtaking, sweeping runs and clear, chiming notes, but the real strength of The Zenith Rise is cohesiveness. Each track flows into the next with the fluidity of liquid metal as I Built the Sky rockets into Up Into the Ether, tumbles and dives through Wormhole Traveler and takes a heavy turn in Stars and Darkness, each step working toward the crescendo of The Only Way Out is Up before a gentle descent into Diamond Dust and the smooth, velvety landing of Moonbow floating on clean acoustic guitar melodies.

Not only a masterclass in guitar playing, The Zenith Rise is also a study in epic songwriting, a suite of tracks unfolding a complete saga through tension and release, darkness and light, heavy riffing and melody – a truly amazing piece of progressive music.

  1. Up Into the Ether
  2. Journey to Aurora
  3. W0rmhole Traveler
  4. Stellar Evolution
  5. Light Pillars
  6. Stars and Darkness
  7. The Zenith Rise
  8. The Only Way Out is Up
  9. Diamond Dust
  10. Moonbow