Straight-up unadorned death metal

Whatever shape death metal may take these days, there are still bands out there paying homage to the old school ways.

Burial Chamber is one of those, rumbling out of Sydney with their long overdue second album Ripping the Dead, a thunderously heavy offering of straight-up unadorned death metal. This is a band with a minimalistic approach to their effective and simplistic brutality. Speed and technicality  play less of a factor in their music as Burial Chamber rely on mid-paced chugging riffs and basic, up-front timekeeping. Likewise, the lyrics are unsophisticated snatches of gore imagery with most lines three words long or less: Vile distortions/Disturbing horror/Visual torment/Corrupting the mind runs ‘Lobotomize Infected Beings’, each syllable delivered in a disturbingly low growl.

Burial Chamber’s plodding churn is systematic and relentless, delivering nothing less nor anything much more than old school flavoured death metal. On ‘Decaying Body Surgery’ the band step up the pace for a slightly thrashier moment and ‘Decomposing Cadaver’ has an near-drone like quality to it that makes this track a clear album highlight. Elsewhere Ripping the Dead is efficient but unremarkable, their limited riffing a little repetitive to the degree that the first two songs sound almost exactly alike. The band’s austerity will no doubt appeal to those who feel that modern death metal has become too complex and melodic, but it also perhaps couldn’t hurt to change things up just a little bit.

1. Corpse Mutilation
2. Tearing Bodies
3. Smearing Limbs With Blood
4. Lobotomize Infected Beings
5. Flesh to Deform
6. Decaying Bopdy Surgery
7. Decomposing Cadaver
8. Feed on the Dead
9. Infected Remains