A bunch of great metal songs

Burning Witches are three Swiss and two Dutch ladies who haven’t listened to any heavy metal music that came out after Viv Campbell got fired from Dio and Udo left Accept. 

Of course, there’s a lot of European metal bands that sound like they just got off a bus from 1986, but Burning Witches have turned it into an artform. Generic 80s song titles, hokey lyrics about (what else?) witches, wings of steel (so help me…) and the Necronomicon, a Manowar cover that features Ross the Boss, no less, artwork that subtly points out WE ARE WOMEN AND PLAY METAL AND OH MY GOD WE LOVE DIO!.. If there isn’t an 80s metal cliche Burning Witches haven’t used, it simply isn’t worth using.

But that’s ok, because this style of music is literally built on endless regurgitation of tropes and cliches, and if it’s done properly then it usually turns out pretty good. Burning Witches have made two previous albums, the first of which was laughably bad, but by the second they’d met a producer and learned how to write songs much better.

Dance With the Devil takes over where Hexenhammer left off, with songs that are overall faster and with some serious crunch. Also, they have a new vocalist who doesn’t try to overpower the rest of the band with overblown histrionics, so that’s good, too. Instead, Laura Guldemond has huskier tones and can carry a melody without throwing it off a cliff. Together, they’ve come up with some killer fucking riffs this time as well and the harmonised leads would make an actual 80s metal band sweat. There’s some potently heavy shit on this album and a bunch of great metal songs, and that’s really all that’s important. They’ll certainly get fists pumping the air on the fields of Wacken and Hellfest, that’s for sure.

  1. The Incantation
  2. Lucid Nightmare
  3. Dance With the Devil
  4. Wings of Steel
  5. Six Feet Underground
  6. Black Magic
  7. Sea of Lies
  8. The Sisters of Fate
  9. Necromomicon
  10. The Final Fight
  11. Threefold Return
  12. Battle Hymn