A punchy collection of exuberant and catchy tunes

LA rock gals Cherri Bomb have been attracting all the right kinds of attention, and much of it has even been for all the right reasons.

Sure, they’re teenage girls, and everyone loves a chick rock band, but this one has been making waves as much because they rock as because they’re chicks. Last year’s Stark EP gave a small indication of what they were capable and their recent Australian visit proved they could do the business live.

This is the End of Control reaffirms their true rocking credentials. Just shy of 40 minutes, it’s a punchy collection of exuberant and catchy tunes that should bring a smile to the face of even the most cynical. Julia Pierce writes better hooks than people more than twice her age. Pierce’s vocals on this actually have a strong similarity to Pink, at least to these ears, so that tracks like “Better This Way” – a real ear-worm you won’t forget in a hurry – and “Act the Part” made me think of a harder-rocking version of that singer’s more rock-oriented stuff, crazy with hooks and gorgeous vocal harmonies. The band is at their best when they just rock out, like in “Let it Go” and “Paper Doll”; a couple of the more tailored-for-airplay songs like “Raw.Real” do fall a bit flat. Two tracks really stand out. The first is “Heart is a Hole”, an almost-perfect pop-laced power ballad that should be on every radio playlist the world over. This really is the sort of song that a record exec would wet their pants over. The other is “Too Many Faces”, an almost epic-sounding song with a huge riff, massive hook, multi-part vocal harmonies and a chorus like a contagion.

Studded with hooks and oozing with attitude, This is the End of Control really is a pretty solid debut from Cherri Bomb. It’s never been easy for all-girl bands to be taken seriously, but on the strength of what they’ve done here, Cherri Bomb are off to a good start.

1. Take This Now
2. Better This Way
3. Raw.Real
4. Shake the Ground
5. Too Many Faces
6. Let it Go
7. Sacrificial Lamb
8. Act the Part
9. Drawing a Blank
10. Heart is a Hole
11. Paper Doll
12. Hold On