A modern take on nu-metal circa 1999

How many of you dear readers were at the cusp of the nu-metal sound with me when it reached its potential in 1999?

That is about when everyone was either running out of fresh ideas, or were one of the slew of bands quickly snapped up by record labels in a bid to have the next million selling record.

That is the sound of this band: big grooves and very low heavy bass sound holding it all together. This might sound like a complaint, but it’s not. Everything I read about this band piqued my interest. The vocals courtesy of band leader Elijah Witt are very coarse but clear, sounding a lot like a young Corey Taylor and pretty unrelenting, using his cleans to add an almost Jonathon Davis-like clarity and creepiness when required.

The band behind him hold it together very well, and obviously know how to write a great hook. The music swings and sways, and I could probably name check half a dozen bands whose sounds they must have looked up to and listened to in their teenage years. This may be the next big sound coming our way as the people who were children and teenagers in the early 2000s use the music that influenced them and put their own spin on it.

The most interesting track was ‘St. Veronica’, the only major stand out on an album that would have been top of the class in 1999, yet I actually look forward to seeing what they do next. Maybe with a couple of years more experience and time on the road, Cane Hill will sound less generic to those of us who were there the first time around.

2. (The New) Jesus
3. True Love
4. St Veronica
5. Fountain of Youth
6. Cream Pie
7. You’re So Wonderful
8. Ugly Idol Mannequin
9. Screwtape
10. Strange Candy