Every track is a killer

At this point in their storied career, what does a band such as Cannibal Corpse have left to prove?

Nothing, that’s what. The scenes of musical horror they weave and contort are for their own sick pleasure. Just because they managed to create an entire genre of music comes in second to the fun they are obviously having.
Violence Unimagined is another constant battering you can imagine from the band, only somehow they have managed to weave even more memorable moments. Something Cannibal Corpse has managed to do across their last couple of releases, it feels more obvious this time around.

This may come from the introduction of producer (and death metal hero in his own right) extraordinaire Erik Rutan on guitar, bringing in a bit more technicality to proceedings as well as some of the most hummable riffs the band has ever laid down. Difficult to believe your favourite miscreants have created violence so heavy you want to hum it? Try to let Inhumane Harvest not bore a hole in your skull while the most shout worthy chorus of Surround, Kill, Devour might have people looking at you while you attempt your best Corpsegrinder on the bus to work.

Ther’s not much more I could about this album or this band before I start to read like a teenager gushing over their newest crush. Cannibal Corpse have for the longest time been the masters of their domain. Violence Unimagined is another fine example of why they have been held in such high regard since they first disgusted their way into heavy metal with stories filled with enough horror to frighten Big Red himself. Every track is a killer in its own right.

Stop reading already and get listening.

1. Murderous Rampage
2. Necrogenic Regeneration
3. Inhumane Harvest
4. Condemnation Contagion
5. Surround, Kill, Devour
6. Ritual Annihilation
7. Follow the Blood
8. Bound and Burned
9. Slowly Sawn
10. Overtorture
11. Cerements of the Flayed