Their heaviest album to date

Until I Feel Nothing is Carnifex’s third release through Victory Records, and their fourth full length studio album.

Produced by As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis, Carnifex have combined the sounds of their past, redefining their direction and creating their heaviest album to date.

Carnifex raised the bar for themselves with their 2009 release Hell Chose Me, and Until I Feel Nothing sees them continuing to raise that bar and improve. While deathcore bands often get the flick from metalheads as being faux death metal or a pre-cursor to metal for the kids, Carnifex have created a furious and unrelenting album that is an asset to the genre.

Maintaining a constant level of brutality Until I Feel Nothing has all the trimmings of a good deathcore band – blast beats, fast riffs, and of course the ever present breakdowns. The most notable point is the vocals of Scott Lewis. Where in the past he would use several vocal styles on Until I Feel Nothing he has mainly stuck with low growls with the occasional, but not overused, black metalesque shriek. It is also worthy to note that often the lyrics are actually discernible instead of being distorted beyond recognition.

Although a short track, album opener “Deathwish” lays the foundations perfectly. Creating the dark atmosphere and pure brutality, it bleeds perfectly into the next track, “We Spoke of Lies.” As with most deathcore, the record falls into a repetitive nature but diversity does arrive midway through. “Creation Defaced” is one of the fastest tracks, with a melodic and strangely peaceful breakdown. The title track is easily the highlight, combining all of Carnifex’s strengths into one track. The riffs fire off like a machine gun, while maintaining a groove. Closing with another melodic guitar piece, the last three tracks close the album with abrasive strength.

Until I Feel Nothing
is one of the better deathcore albums of 2011. Carnifex have created their most extreme record to date, an in your face album bringing together their past and making way for the future.

1. Deathwish
2. We Spoke of Lies
3. A Grave to Blame
4. Dead but Dreaming
5. Creation Defaced
6. Dehumanize
7. Until I Feel Nothing
8. Never Forgive Me
9. Wretched Entropy
10. Curse My Name