A very bold melodic progressive rock direction

We appear to be in the midst of a glut of high-quality releases from Australian artists right now, and the lastest release from Chaos Divine is right up there with the best of them.

For their third full-length album, the Perthians step away from the roaring metal that’s laced previous recordings into a very bold melodic progressive rock direction. ‘Landmines’ opens the album with a sweeping scale, a strong, groove-laden melodic track that sets the tone for the rest of Colliding Skies. ‘Badge of Honour’ is a shorter, slightly hookier track and ‘Painted With Grey’ injects the first of scant metallic elements as Dave Anderton drops in a resonating growl, but fleetingly.

On Colliding Skies, the focus for Chaos Divine is melody and song writing and they deliver both in spades with densely textured tunes that belie their inherent catchiness. While it’s clear that everyone is a formidably talented musician, no one overplays their hand, making for a solidly consistent album with a smooth, subtle complexity. Chaos Divine manages to vary the diet as well, slipping into a bluesy vibe for ‘Soldiers’ and the sax adds an appropriately mournful note to ‘With Nothing We Depart’. They may have shed a great deal of their former metal identity going in to this album but no one should be disappointed by this, especially anyone who appreciates melodic prog. Colliding Skies is excellent.

1. Landmines
2. Badge of Honour
3. Painted With Grey
4. Soldiers
5. Symbiotic
6. Tides
7. Before the Dawn
8. The Shepherd
9. Mara
10. With Nothing We Depart