A lack of anything new

Children Of Bodom’s brand of melodic death metal has always been great as some kind of background noise while hanging out with your mates, but not much more.

I have always checked in on them album by album, but never found myself going back for another bite of the sandwich. There’s no denying the musical talents that hold the band together, particularly vocalist/guitarist Alexi Laiho, and the addition of Daniel Freyberg on rhythm has helped inject a small amount of fresh ideas, but that is the biggest issue here: the lack of anything new that stands out.

This type of thing works for some bands, but Children of Bodom just seem to keep trying to recapture magic already out of the bottle.

There are moments on the album that make the listener pay attention, such as ‘Kick In A Spleen’ or the the keyboard intro of ‘Hecate’s Nightmare’ that has a child’s nightmare feel to it, like a B-grade 80s horror film, but these moments are few and far between. There is next to nothing to keep you coming back.

To fans this will sound like a comeback of some kind as the band has stripped back and sped up in line with some of their earlier albums, but it really doesn’t sway emotion in any way.  Music should to elicit some kind of reaction, positive or negative. This album is just meh.


  1. This Road
  2. Under Grass and Clover
  3. Glass Houses
  4. Hecate’s Nightmare
  5. Kick in a Spleen
  6. Platitudes and Barren Words
  7. Hexed
  8. Relapse (The Nature of My Crime)
  9. Say Never Look Back
  10. Soon Departed
  11. Knuckleduster