A completely different and unexpected direction

Like his brother Michael, Army Enemy’s Christopher Amott has been involved in side projects such as his power metal band Armageddon.

With his first solo album however, Chris has decided to forego any influence from both his melodic death and power metal bands, switch off the distortion pedal and go in a completely different and unexpected direction for Follow Your Heart.

“Tibet” sets the pace of the album with it’s lush and clean picked atmospheric guitar lines and the simplistic beat that makes the listener feel like they are floating away. Amotts’ vocals immediately bring David Gilmour to mind which really suits the vibe of the track. Throughout the rest of Follow Your Heart, you can really hear a little bit of so many different artists like on the appropriately named “Track #5” which has a very cool Eagles-like vibe. The guitar solo that would make Joe Walsh proud. The magnificent composition in “Holy Mountain” sounds like a modern-day Electric Light Orchestra and the acoustic/slide guitar laden “From Here to There” reminds one of a Ben Harper or a Jack Johnson composition.

Being lauded as a fretboard wizard, you would expect some crazy fretwork, but that’s not really the case. Amotts’ solos are quite subdued and take more of a bluesy style which suits the music to a tee, but that doesn’t mean they are weak. The solo in “In the Pale Moonlight” really packs some beautiful emotion like a good Eric Clapton or Jeff Beck moment.

The shining light of Follow Your Heart is Amotts’ lead vocal performance. In comparison to his first vocal performance on Armageddon’s thrd release Three, Chris projects his vocals with a strong confidence and attack. If I had to describe his stylings, I would say they sound like a happier David Gilmour.

Christopher Amott truly follows his heart with a collection of some beautiful compositions that take the listener on a musical journey. Unfortunately, this is only available as a legal download at present but is worth so much more than the small amount you pay.

1. Tibet
2. Holy Mountain
3. Kilimanjaro
4. In the Pale Moonlight
5. Track #5
6. Space Song
7. From Here to There
8. Lifeline