A tour of atmosphere and soundscapes

When most hear the name Christopher Amott, thoughts of Arch Enemy will automatically spring to mind.

It’s understandable considering he spent 15 years of his career with the metal giants. He has also released three albums with his project Armageddon, with a fourth currently being written, and in 2010 he released his first solo album Follow Your Heart. Aptly titled, Amott followed his heart with this release, creating a blues rock atmosphere different to anything we heard from his time with his other bands.

Amott’s musical journey continues on Impulses as he creates all new atmospheres and soundscapes, showcasing his talent outside of the metal world. Impulses calls to mind 70s bands such as Blue Öyster Cult, Jethro Tull and Neil Young. While the guitar tone and stylings on the majority of the record sounds like it came straight from that decade, Amott includes New Wave sounds (“Shutout”, “Dream Away”, “Castle of Sighs”) adding a layer of atmospheric 80s to the mix. “Sea is Black”, “Nothing is Nothing” and “Big City” are resonant of Amott’s very familiar heavier style.

From folk blues rock, to bass heavy rhythms, to smooth 70s metal, Impulses is a tour of atmosphere and soundscapes that will take you back to your teenage years spinning a 12-inch, lighting one up and letting the music take over. Amott has created something wonderful here, and if this is where his heart lies, where he feels most comfortable, where his journey has taken him, we should all feel privileged to be on this adventure with him.

1. Sea is Black
2. Lone Wolf
3. Dream Away
4. Nothing is Nothing
5. Castle of Sighs
6. The Storm
7. Back to the Jungle
8. Calling Out
9. Under the Surface
10. Shutout
11. Big City