The perfect time for the band to hang it up

Famous for being Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir’s other band and playing a well worn blend of hard rock and early 80s metal, it has been announced that this is Chrome Division’s last album, with a lyrical concept written around that.
For those who may be hearing this band for the first time, the Western film influenced intro works well with the concept. The rock really begins with ‘So Fragile’ like a welcoming warm blanket on a cold evening, ruled by a great duelling solo in the middle that keeps that classic feeling the band have always striven for.

The added touch of female vocals on ‘Walk Away In Shame’ is all that saves this next track from falling into the same familiar feeling, breaking up the 80s hard rock of the track. Beyond that, the well worn formula already makes it feel like a good thing that Chrome Divison has decided to hang up the instruments.

No disrepect: when the songs are good rocking they are rocking great. Unfortunately there is just not enough going on to hold your attention. Sure, there are great guitar solos and pumping hard rock ‘I’m On Fire Tonight’ perfectly sums all of these parts of the album up, meaning the album has peaked by the mid point of its run time. Beyond this and it just feels like background music for the majority of the time. Perhaps that has always been one of their aims: to sound like the band playing in the background in some filthy biker bar. I just prefer music that holds my attention a little more and illicits a better response than a shrug of my shoulders before I move onto the next album.

One Last Ride is the perfect time for the band to hang it up. Continuing down a path this well worn has only ever ended well for very few bands, and this album just isn’t interesting enough.

1. Return From the Wastelands
2. So Fragile
3. Walk Away in Shame
4. Back In Town
5. You Are Dead to Me
6. The Call
7. I’m On Fire Tonight
8. Staying Until the End
9. This One is Wild
10. One Last Ride
11. We Drink
12. Towards the Unknown
13. Esta Noche Va A Quemar