A solid and relentless outing of melodic groove-ridden metal

It’s been three years since Chronolyth opened their account with Sovereigns and in that time they have only got heavier.
Atrophy isn’t going to set new standards for originality, but it certainly shows the world what Chronolyth is made of: immense grooves and insidious melodies inside tight, surprisingly technical songs that can be somewhat reminiscent of Dark Tranquillity. Atrophy‘s enormous groove factor is established early as ‘Facing the Ash’ enters the picture and never lets up from that point. Infectious hooks are everywhere and the dual axe team of Alex Nisirou and Ben Constable stamp their authority over everything with savage alacrity, armed to the teeth with melodic runs and punishing riffs. Throughout the piece, Chronolyth drop in surprises like massive gang-chants and jaw-dropping female vocals that harmonise with Hamish McSorley’s powerful and effective growling. That said, it takes a few songs before Atrophy really gets going – the back half of the album from track six onwards is where things really take shape, but the entire album is strong.

Atrophy is another local gem from a band that has really stepped up their game even from their excellent first showing, a solid and relentless outing of melodic groove-ridden metal that points to an even better future.

1. Atrophy
2. Facing the Ash
3. Revenants
4. Shadows and Sorrow
5. March of the Forsaken
6. Marrow (to the Bone)
7. Demon (Eyes)
8. Archangel
9. Ascension
10. Live to Destroy
11. Unified Hatred
12. Burn