A super impressive debut

Let’s make one thing clear from the outset, Chronolyth’s first album is one of the best debuts from an Australian metal band in the last few years.

Melodic – check. Aggressive – check. Technical – check. This band has all the credentials to do well not only nationally but on an international scale. Everything about this release is professional from the cool artwork and logo to the exceptional production. Australian metal music may well have found its future.

‘The Heresy (Crucify Your God)’ may begin amidst an atmospheric overture but hold the reigns tight, for the wall of Chronolyth approaches. Exploding into whirling guitar and manic drumming, this band is tight. Hamish McSorley’s voice a mix of scowl and death vocals and his throaty assault combines seamlessly with the aggressive riffs.

‘I Am Wrath’ detonates the speakers and whilst there are no doubt some comparisons to be made with more well known bands such as Battlecross, Lamb of God and DevilDriver, Chronolyth benefits from its more technical melodic delivery. A clear example of this being the band’s  wizardry in the next track, ‘Condemned in the Throes of Remorse’.

‘Whips and the Scorn’, first single ‘Bitter Reflection’ and ‘Age of Fear’ continue the wrath across the album, yet Chronolyth still manage to find a metallic groove in all tracks. ‘Behold the Tyrants Fall’ gradually builds before McSorley screams and the band immediately push into fifth gear, erupting into chaotic bliss. It will be interesting to witness what direction the band takes next, such is the talent within and exploring further creativity could push them into the next echelon. A super impressive debut. Do not miss them.

  1. The Heresy (Crucify Your God)
    2. I Am Wrath
    3. Condemned in the Throes of Remorse
    4. Whips and the Scorns
    5. Bitter Reflection
    6. Age of Fear
    7. Defiling the Soul
    8. Behold the Tyrant’s Fall
    9. Fallen Saviour
    10. Silent Eyes
    11. Sovereign