A complete blast

As the latest LA hotshots Classless Act blast their way across the US, it’s only appropriate that their debut album is also a complete blast.

On Welcome to the Show, Classless Act bring all their talent to the fore in a whirlwind of  classic Sunset Strip energy, unbridled spirit and enthusiasm and a willingness to go beyond the usual rock and roll terms of reference so many first-timers seem bound by.

Motley’s Vince Neil steps up on the eponymous opener to lend some heft and old school cred, but it’s the influence of another guest that permeates throughout. Justin Hawkins lays down a searing solo on the next track This is For You and co-wrote the radio rocker Time to Bleed but it’s clear from tracks like Haunting Love that The Darkness was a key touchstone for this band. Just in terms of the diversity of their repertoire here, Classless Act are far more than a one-trick pony. For every raucous straight-up rockers like Give it To Me, there’s a quirky, pensive track like On My Phone, a blusier number like Circles or something with a modern rock flavour like Storm Before the Calm, but no matter which way they turn or which influence they lean into – be it Queen, MCR, Cinderella or Van Halen – Classless Act pull it off with aplomb. Derek Day displays a dextrous versatility in his vocal performance amongst the big choruses, catchy hooks, tightly-written songs and Griffin Tucker’s slashing guitar moves.

Classless Act has combined a deep passion for their craft with talent, attitude and pure songwriting clout, brought together influences both classic and more recent, and made a seriously good rock and roll album that should appeal to anyone that likes seriously good rock and roll.

  1. Classless Act
  2. This is For You
  3. Time to Bleed
  4. On My Phone
  5. All That We Are
  6. Made in Hell
  7. Storm Before the Calm
  8. Haunting Love
  9. Walking Contradiction
  10. Give it To Me
  11. Circles
  12. Thoughts from a Dying Man