As usual, Clutch don’t drop the ball

Now twelve albums deep with this release, Clutch need no real introduction but if you are unaware of them this is the perfect time to get on board. Book of Bad Decisions continues the with what they started on Earth Rocker, and that is to record live and capture the magic that is a Clutch gig.

‘Gimme the Keys’ is a great rocking opener about an early gig in the life of the band. The blues and rock that Clutch have built their sound on is here in spades.

The pace drops back a little after this opening, opting for a more blues orientated feel on the title track and ‘Spirit of ‘76’. But then the band steps up a little with an obvious jab at the political atmosphere in their home country. ‘How To Shake Hands’ has some of the best wordplay from Neil Fallon in years and some of his ideas may well fix our political climate here as well.

‘In Walks Barbarella’ adds some funk with a horn section that fits neatly into the bounce the band project. It is about there that you can really hear Clutch having fun with the recording of this album. The live sound and energy come across and continues through ‘Vision Quest’ and ‘Weird Times’ until they slow down a little on ‘Emily Dickinson’, allowing Fallon’s story telling more room to breathe.

The second half of the album continues as the first as the band stomps through ‘Sonic Counsellor’, ‘Ghoul Wrangler’ and a great recipe for crab cakes (that’s right, Master Chefs) with ‘Hot Bottom Feeder’ amongst other great tracks. As usual, Clutch don’t drop the ball anywhere. Not rock, not metal, just Clutch and their distinct style that can only be described as Clutch. Hook in, and let me know how those crab cakes go.


  1. Gimme the Keys
  2. Spirit Of ‘76
  3. Book of Bad Decisions
  4. How to Shake Hands
  5. In Walks Barbarella
  6. Vision Quest
  7. Weird Times
  8. Emily Dickinson
  9. Sonic Counsellor
  10. A Good Fire
  11. Ghoul Wrangler
  12. B. is in Control
  13. Hot Bottom Feeder
  14. Paper & Strife
  15. Lorelei