Unpolished, raw and riddled with filth

The depravities of serial killers are never far from the imaginations of those who dwell in the underground.

Like the noisome creature that gives the band its name, Coffin Fly buzz up with a deep, murky sludge, weaving tracks around samples of Nick Broomfield’s interviews with Aileen Wuornos. Her unhinged, delusional self-righteousness adds a further note of insanity to Satanic Youth’s six tracks of bloodcurdling grime that lunge and rattle with vile decrepitude, the last three of which were recorded as a demo under the name Trauma.

Each lurches in a like an unwelcome visitor, leering and leery, an unsettling buzz of chugging guitar and echoing, clattering drums, vocals a sickening shriek or growl, joined in Trapped Withered Crushed by a disturbing female warble. The eponymous third track is Coffin Fly at their ugliest, heaviest and most lethal, upping their pace, vocal snarls, a thin, wavering, repetitive melody line squeezing out of the murk.

Unpolished, raw and riddled with filth, Satanic Youth is the sound of the true underground.

  1. Night Receptionist
  2. Trapped Withered Crushed
  3. Coffin Fly
  4. Ritual Abuse/Sever/Crimson Bath