One of the great examples of modern hardcore

Comeback Kid are one of the great examples of modern hardcore, dripping with a great stomp and breakdowns as well as positive lyrics.

Opener and title track ‘Outsider’ is a great introduction to a band that is now 15 years into doing this. ‘Absolute’ keeps up the biting opening pace and manages to sneak in a guest vocal from fellow Canadian Devin Townsend, making an appearance on this all too hardcore affair and bringing some of his unique touch to this early stand out.

‘Hell Of A Scene’ and ‘Somewhere, Somehow’ bring an almost pop punk vibe with them, showing what Comeback Kid are capable of doing even while holding tightly to hardcore’s at times strict musical confines. Some kids are gonna get their V necks in a twist over the hooky clean vocals in the chorus of the latter track.

From here the album maintains the rage. The second half is as good as the first, so choosing stand out tracks is difficult, mainly because the band stick to their rigid hardcore formula with the smatterings of 90s melodic influence that they are already known for.

‘Throw That Stone’ is one of the most venomous tracks this band has ever put to tape, with the venom in Andrew Neufeld’s voice positively oozing from the speakers. The introduction of follow up and final track ‘Moment In Time’ serves as a small breather while guest Northcote sings, before one last stage dive as the band descend into familiar hardcore.

This is an album full of more sure-fire pit starters, be it one man circle pits in your room, or at your favourite local venue catching this band or others of their ilk. Outsider is a collection of tunes made to be played live and loud and will slot comfortably into the catalogue. If you like modern hardcore at all, this is for you. Soak it up and enjoy, I know I have been.

1. Outsider
2. Surrender Control
3. Absolute
4. Hell of a Scene
5. Somewhere, Somehow
6. Consumed the Vision
7. I’ll Be That
8. Outrage
9. Blindspot
10. Livid, I’m Prime
11. Recover
12. Throw that Stone
13. Moment in Time