An evocative and eloquent masterpiece

Something special was always bound to happen when two of extreme music’s most free-thinking creative artists decided to join forces.

The genesis of this collaboration between Converge and Chelsea Wolfe goes back to 2016 and the former’s Bloodmoon shows in Europe that also featured Steve Von Till from Neurosis and Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky, who also appears here. Wolfe’s musical companion Ben Chisholm is in for the adventure too, making Bloodmoon: I a seven-piece jam for the ages.

Wolfe takes the lead on the title track, her ethereal vocals taking front and centre in an epically eerie, cinematic and totally captivating opener. Coil is also dripping with her influence as it builds from acoustic melancholia to grandiose rock clamour. Wolfe brings Gothic atmosphere to everything she touches here, but she is an equal part in a dynamic and inventive creative machine where no one elements dominates any other. When Jacob Bannon unleashes minor hell over a gnarly Kurt Ballou riff in Tongues Playing Dead, Wolfe and Brodsky are there to suddenly reign them in with a harmonised vocal line, just as Bannon’s sandpaper larynx is there to shred those melodicisms apart. Lord of Liars swirls at the very limit of chaos with Wolfe and Chisholm pushed to the fore, Crimson Stone spirals down into Gothic melancholia only to explode into an urgent but controlled violence.

This is a remarkably coherent work of art that explores and pushes at the boundaries of chaos and beauty, darkness and light, melancholy and savagery, at times separately and then all at once – discord, harmony, crushing heaviness, despair and epic, haunting grandeur in one evocative and eloquent masterpiece.

  1. Blood Moon
  2. Viscera of Men
  3. Coil
  4. Flower Moon
  5. Tongues Playing Dead
  6. Lord of Liars
  7. Failure Forever
  8. Scorpion’s Sting
  9. Daimon
  10. Crimson Stone
  11. Blood Dawn