Deserves a good listen or three

I enjoy that writing for you, dear reader, throws me bands that I have never previously heard.

This Egyptian band are one of these ‘new/old’ bands for me playing a very blackened death style in a vein that on first listen comes across as akin to early Behemoth. Having released an EP and full length since 2008 I was surprised to not have at least heard their name mentioned somewhere, so when the opportunity came up to check out this newest release I grabbed the headphones and dove straight in.

Described by the band as a tribute to the Ancient Egyptian Gods and honouring their history and country with inspirations from Egyptian mythology, opener ‘Reciting Spells to Mutilate Apophis’ sets a scene for the oncoming storm, beginning with the crackling of fire and chants of high priests before the pummelling of drums begins to reminds you what you came here for. ‘Sons Of Monthu’ quickly follows, more musically driven than the previous track. The instrumentation is allowed to breathe for over two minutes before vocals come in, and they are used sparsely throughout, keeping focus on the swirling guitars.

Although every track has a long run time none of them feel burdened by this. Each twists and turns and makes use of instrumentation in a way that keeps it all very focused and interesting, whether it is the natural drum tone opening of a track like ‘Obscuring the Light’ or the slow burn of ‘The Twelfth Gate’ as it sets the scene for one of the best tracks on the album, its closer ‘In The Name of Osiris’. This track slowly turns up the heat as it unwinds, sucking the listener into a vast feeling of darkness.

The band has done themselves justice on every front here and deserves a good listen or three. The balance of heaviness and musicianship is almost perfect, and with a great punch in the production making the vocals and instrumentation rest perfectly together for a great listening experience.

  1. Reciting Spells to Mutilate Apophis
  2. Sons of Monthu
  3. Obscuring the Light
  4. The Scars of Horus
  5. The Will of Amon Ra
  6. Beyond the Path of Amenti
  7. The Twelfth Gate
  8. In the Name of Osiris