Absolutely scorching and angry

Hailing from Byron Bay, From Crisis To Collapse have become part of the hard gigging east coast circuit, playing up and down the coast and earning a reputation for good times and loud music. The band holed up in a Brisbane Studio late last year to catch their live energy, and here it is in the form of a 7 track EP.

Beginning anything with the ominous warning of an air raid siren has to be a good start right? ‘Crisis’ opens just like that, with a modern punch that sounds like early period Swe-death when bands like At the Gates were just learning what they were capable of blended with guitar from the early 00s New Wave of American Heavy Metal.

With a great scene set early, the band set about continuing to wreck necks, pushing deeper in the Swe-Death and thrash vein. Then with ‘Dimitri’ they cross The Haunted and that unique Australian flavour that just living here brings. Absolutely scorching and angry, with a mouthful of Vegemite.

After the full attack of ‘Dimitri’ the band create a false sense of comfort with acoustic guitars opening the aptly titled ‘Slow Burn’ before returning to their dark reality of thrashing riffs and melodeath insanity that this release is built upon.

FCTC do throw a slight curveball with the introduction of chants and slowing the pace just a bit on album closer ‘Crystals Are Us’ leaving you wanting more from the release, but also interested in what their next move will be. It’s great to see that the Australian heavy music still has yet to peak with bands such as this releasing quality material and driving a flourishing scene.

  1. Crisis
  2. Turning the Gun
  3. Dimitri
  4. Slow Burn
  5. No Promises
  6. Lift the Veil
  7. Crystals are Us