Pretty good shit

Having their regular bands sidelined for the time being hasn’t stopped various members of King Parrot, Psycroptic and Revocation from bringing on more chaos. 

Stripping back the more technical proclivities of their other outlets, CrisisAct rips through 11 tracks of straight-up death metal in under ten minutes, all on two sides of a 45. With most tracks barely cracking a minute in length, there’s little time for anything other than furious riffing and blasting, with Youngy’s inimitable roar/shriek delivering almost indecipherable rants as the band blaze their way across the vinyl. It’s a particular showcase for Joe Haley as he presents another side to his playing, doubling down on fast, catchy and simple riffs. He even lets himself go with a solo to wrap things up.

Part death metal, part hardcore, part punk, there’s no time to take a breath and it’s all over so quickly you barely have time to drop the needle on one side before it’s done. The songs are so hooky their brevity is almost a downfall, but there would probably be too much neck damage otherwise. This is pretty good shit.

Side 1:

  1. Turn it Off
  2. Dead and Buried
  3. Fuck Knows If I Die
  4. Odorous Incision
  5. Putrid Existence

Side 2:

  1. Parasite
  2. Weak as Fucking Piss
  3. Hate Intenisified
  4. The Dog in Me Unleashed
  5. Ravaged
  6. You Are Pathetic