An example of ambition over ability

My word, this is bad. That was my initial thought when I first subjected myself to Crosson’s latest album and time and further listenings have not changed my mind.

Crosson has been a denizen of the Australian rock scene for a dozen or more years but has done little more than poke his hilariously-coiffed head up even so often to release another album of bad music. Previous release Spreading the Rock N Roll Disease offered an embarrassment of awful and Invincible is another example of ambition over ability. The level of self-delusion that allowed a work of such incredible ineptitude to be created and then actually unleashed on the world is both staggering and saddening. The saddest thing of all is that in the hands of a better craftsman, some of this material would be at least ok, in a third-tier hair-metal era sort of way. Certainly the musicians Crosson has used to help bring this misguided vision to life are expert players – and will remain unnamed to save them any future embarrassment. It’s just that in terms of arrangement and overall songwriting skill, Crosson is simply overwhelmed by his own limitations, and that’s saying nothing about his voice.

Crosson can’t hold a tune, no matter how he tries, and bringing in some little-known Finnish chanteuse to help out on the piano ballad only makes things worse; it’s like a nightmare version of Stephen Pearcy duetting with Tarja Turunen. I recently witnessed an eye-wateringly bad glam rock covers band who were only slightly more competent than this, and they couldn’t even play a convincing version of ‘Ballroom Blitz’. Invincible really is this bad, and the sorriest part is that if Crosson had made the same commitment to developing himself as a musician as he has to looking like a Britney Fox accident, he would probably have made an album worth hearing.

But he hasn’t.

1. Rock Warriors
2. Never Give Up
3. Success Needs No Apologies
4. Hero
5. Unconditional Love
6. Broken
7. Invincible
8. Rebel Train
9. Livin’ the Life
10. Back to Hell