Intuitive and talented enough to add their own spin to a well-worn genre

Crypt weren’t the only band in Australia playing brutal death metal during the 1990s but they were one of the best known and most travelled.

They were also one of the best, quietly disbanding without too much ceremony at the end of the decade after leaving behind a legacy of only two now very rare CDs and an even more obscure demo.

That legacy has now resurfaced in the form of the triple CD box set, treating the original recordings with a remaster and, in the case of the self-titled EP, a remix and throwing in extensive liner notes from Lance Sinclair.

While Crypt took their cues from Cannibal Corpse, as so many did then and still do today, they were intuitive and talented enough to add their own spin to what was already a well-worn genre by the time of their first demo. In Nathan Pilch they had an inventive guitarist capable of catchy and memorable riffs as fiendish as Crypt itself, every track a constant barrage of ever-changing technical motifs the rival of which can be found in Joe Haley’s work with Psycroptic today. Like the best bands of their kind too, Crypt kept things interesting. From bursts of groove and seriously crushing sections to intricate drum patterns and varied vocal readings from Grant Martin, Crypt were far from one-dimensional. Best of all, they understood the importance of keeping things lean: even the full-length only runs for 31 minutes – long enough to make an impact, short enough to make sure we stay interested for the duration.

EVP has again resurrected one of the crusty gems of the Australian metal underground and brought them to a new audience. If you missed them before, it’s time to catch up and if you were there,  a revisitation is due.

CD 1 – Crypt
1. Intro
2. Zombiefied
3. The Undead
4. Burnt Alive
5. Disgusting Lust
6. Torture

CD 2 – El Nino
1. Explosion
2. Twisted & Demented
3. Deceased
4. Outer Space
5. Bubonic Experiment
6. Nocturnal Killing
7. Extra Terrestrial
8. The Undead
9. Pinatubo

CD 3 – Excruciating Agony
1. Deceased
2. Torture
3. Nocturnal Killing
4. Torture (live 96)
5. Zombified (live 96)
6. Nocturnal Killing (live 96)
7. Burnt Alive (live 96)
8. Deceased (live 95)
9. Zombified (live 95)
10. Torture (live 95)
11. The Undead (live 95)
12. Nocturnal Killing (live 95)
13. Disgusting Lust (live 95)
14. Dimension of the Triangle (live 99)
15. Bubonic Experiement (rehearsal 98)
16. Twisted & Demented (rehearsal 96)