A journey worth taking

Cult Of Lilith hail from the cold shores of Iceland, a country renown in many musical circles for its uniqueness, and this group bring with them something difficult to pin down in true Icelandic tradition.

Whilst the individual parts of the machine would work well enough alone, the band has taken the extra measure to mix it all together. Not in the batshit crazy way bands such as The Dillinger Escape Plan or French mentalists Hypno5e have done before them, but in a way that suit the mood of every track.

Of course, there are times that these experiments in sonics first seem out of place. The jazz organ breakdown leading into the solo on Purple Tide sticks out as one hell of a misstep until a couple of playthroughs when it finds its place, and suddenly the track would seem lighter for its omission. Album closer Le Soupir Du Fantôme really drives the stake in the musical absurdity that has been created within this album’s frantic musings. Opening softly and acoustic, there is always one more trick hidden in plain sight. Just as you begin to feel serene and relaxed after the musical to-ing and fro-ing of the previous tracks, you are wrenched back into the absurd musical reality that is Cult Of Lilith.

Meanwhile, Atlas is the calming influence amongst chaotic metal storms, lulling you into its serenity before offering a battering that continues into Comatose, one of the only tracks on the album that drops any progressive and avant-garde tendencies and aims squarely at the listener’s already battered and confused ears with a hot poker of metal extremity.

You would recognise all the parts played separately from the opening beauty of the harpsicord or strangely haunting Spanish mid section of Profeta Paloma, but mashed together into this metal soup it can only be described as tasty and fresh, bringing a new perspective on well worn tech/death and metalcore traditions.

The only real problem is that it doesn’t help to make any one track completely memorable. It is a completely listenable album, but doesn’t show its true depth until after several listens as it seeps beyond your ears and into your conscience. If you can make it that far, it truly is a journey worth taking, if only for its originality alone.
1. Cosmic Maelstrom
2. Purple Tide
3. Enter the Mancubis
4. Atlas
5. Comatose
6. Profeta Paloma
7. Zángano
8. Le Soupir Du Fantôme