Death metal the way that it used to be made

When it comes to locally-produced meat and potatoes death metal, few do it with the blunt effectiveness of Sydney’s Daemon Foetal Harvest.

With the barest of nods to flashy moments of technical wizardry or outbursts of melody, Beasts of Tribulation is a journey through gore-drenched and blood-soaked old school death metal. With the album rumbling into life with ‘Rotten Servant’s Chamber’, Daemon Foetal Harvest unleash one brutal onslaught after another. It really is relentless: bludgeoning riffs played at crushing speed with neck-snapping tightness and diabolical vocals spewing lyrics depraved and disturbing. This is death metal the way that it used to be made, unflinchingly violent and unapologetically brutal. Anyone with a hunger for old-school gore should seek this out immediately. Beasts of Tribulation, indeed.

1. Rotten Servant’s Chamber
2. Beasts of Tribulation
3. Procured for Torment
4. Hideous Violation
5. Her Lifeless Mouth
6. Spectrophilia
7. I Love Dissecting Girls
8. Beaten, Eyes Hanging from Sockets
9. Against Their Will
10. Crotchless and Bled Out