A fantastic album of ferocious old-school melodic death metal

With all vestiges of any previous identity completely stripped away, Daemon Pyre has risen from the mire of the Sydney metal underground with an album that should set the standard for that city’s scene for some time to come.

Informed by the whispers of At the Gates and Carcass, Daemon Pyre has unleashed a melodic death metal monster brimming with hook-ridden riffs and blazing solos. The frankly unsettling intro track shortly gives way to the simply blistering ‘The Veil of the Martyr’ which sets the agenda – caustic vocals and a violent, demonic vibe that pulsates throughout. The next track injects a slight groove that doesn’t descend into the realms of metalcore but instead adds an unshakable hook that only enhances the mood. There’s an atmosphere of overall menace that pervades every track, something that has been long forgotten or ignored by many of the modern crop of metal bands of every persuasion in their quests to be the heaviest or fastest or most techy. Here, though, Daemon Pyre emphasize it in everything they write – just look at titles like ‘Defeated’ and ‘The Usurper of Hope’.

Daemon Pyre know how to spice things up too: ‘Misanthropic Parallels’ lurches from a crafty, catchy melodic chorus into a solo that comes out into a crushing section that nudges true grindcore in its intensity and Jason Peppiatt from Psycroptic steps up to the plate for the appropriately named closer ‘Darkened Perceptions’ that rounds the album out on a bleak tone.
With faultless production, killer musicianship and nuanced songs, Daemon Pyre has made a fantastic album of ferocious old-school melodic death metal that everyone should own.

1. The Nihilist Inside
2. The Veil of the Martyr
3. Courage Burns Brightest
4. Defeated
5. Iconography
6. Beyond the Razor Wire
7. The Usurper of Hope
8. Misanthropic Parallels
9. The Tempest
10. Tainted by the Shadow
11. Darkened Perceptions