All that changes remains the same

Danko Jones play rock n roll. It’s that simple: no if’s or buts.  Their newest album is a paean to this fact. Just like Motörhead or AC/DC before them, all that changes remains the same.

Unapologetic from the opener ‘I’m In a Band’ to album closer ‘You Can’t Keep Us Down’, this is everything we  have come to expect from Danko Jones: a lot of rock and roll and a bit of fun-poking at themselves and the music they love.

Leaning heavily on the 70s template set by so many before them, their unique tongue-in-cheek lyrics add the flair that is needed at this point in such a well worn formula. Check out ‘I Love Love’ or ‘Dance Dance Dance’.  Lyrical poets this band is not.  In saying that, they lay their legacy and love for their music they play on the line here.  If you aren’t a fan by now, that is on you, not them.

And therein lays the problem. It isn’t to say that this is a bad album, just too samey. With the exception of ‘Fists Up High’ and the rollicking ‘You Got Today’, everything blends together without any other kind of stand outs. It all just goes past without any kind of acknowledgement of the rock cred that should be on display.

If you’re already a fan of Danko Jones’ brand of rock, you know what you signed up for.  For those of us that don’t get it that’s OK. Go back to the originators of unashamed rock of this ilk, crack a cold beer and reminisce.

  1. I’m In a Band
  2. I Love Love
  3. We’re Crazy
  4. Dance Dance Dance
  5. Lipstick City
  6. Fists Up High
  7. Party
  8. You Got Today
  9. That Girl
  10. Burn In Hell
  11. You Can’t Keep Us Down