Solid if predictable

With a sound like Wednesday 13 fronting White Zombie with a little early-Mansonesque twist, Brisbane’s Darkc3ll have carved out a considerable niche for themselves within the Australian underground music scene despite having apparently zero originality.

The extended title of this collection of remixed tracks is an idea ripped straight from Rob Zombie, and an industrial Goth horror rock band doing an album of remixes is such a cliche in itself that I’m surprised TV Tropes doesn’t have a page about it (actually, maybe they do. I haven’t checked).

Even the rogues’ gallery of artists doing the musical makeovers here offers few surprises, reading like the track-listing of a modern Goth rock album – KMFDM, Dope, some of Manson’s conspirators, Deathstars. Still, Darkc3ll are such a close copy of the bands they ape that they actually pull off the moves extremely well and the remixing process has reinvented some of the tracks to the point of being almost unrecognisable from their original form, so in some cases it’s like hearing them for the first time. Overall, Rewired offers a solid if predictable mash-up of industrial thud, electronic bombast and groove to get the dance floor at the local Goth club moving. Original it ain’t, but Darkc3ll know exactly what they’re doing, and they do it well.

1. Freakenstein (Virus Remix)
2. Exorcist (Tim Skold God of Lies Remix)
3. Man Who Destroyed the World (Noveaux Remix)
4. Hate Anthem (Dismantled Remix)
5. The Un-United (Nero Bellum Remix)
6. Six Hundred & Six Six (Angelspit Remix)
7. Hollywood Scars (Needlz Remix)
8. Psycho (Dawn of Ashes Remix)
9. FTW (Karloff remix)
10. Freakenstein (Skinny Disco Remix)
11. 7 Sins (Sleepless Droids Remix)