Metalcore without too many frills

Last time I looked into Darkest Hour a couple of albums ago (The Human Romance), I do not remember them sounding this heavy, or this pissed off.

‘Knife in the Safe Room’ sounds more hardcore than metalcore, so the band obviously has a point to prove to those who helped them self-fund this album. They are getting their money’s worth from the start.

From here the band takes off into heavier metal territory, ‘This is the Truth’ and ‘None of This is the Truth’ being some of the best tracks on the opening half. With the instrumental ‘Widowed’ there for a quick respite, the album finishes as it began: very heavy and with a great one, two, three kick of final tracks.

It is not often these days that a band seems able to pull off unrelenting and heavy music with barely a flourish of melody or clean guitar to break it up, and keep it interesting. On this album Darkest Hour has managed to keep every track sounding different and keeping the heavy intact.

Kurt Ballou is known as a producer with the ability to push bands and get the best out of them. I have some issues with the production as it sounds very dry, and while the drums are pummelling and the vocals are right up the front, the bottom end is hardly there and the guitar tones are tinny. In spite of that, this is an album well worth getting if you enjoy modern metal/hardcore without too many frills and you just want to be beaten into submission.

1. Knife in ihe Safe Room
2. This is the Truth
3. Timeless Numbers
4. None of This is the Truth
5. The Flesh & the Flowers of Death
6. Those Who Survived
7. Another Headless Ruler of the Used
8. Widowed
9. Enter Oblivion
10. The Last of the Monuments
11. In The Name of Us All
12. Beneath It Sleeps