Huge sounding, heavy riffing and fun

The Datsuns rode the garage rock revival to its crescendo in the early 00s, and when things subsided by the end of that decade the band kept right on playing and recording, sticking to their fuzzed out retro guns.

Unlike most of the bands they were lumped in with when their first album peaked at the top of the NZ charts in 2002, The Datsuns have always been more about the heavier end of the spectrum, and Eye to Eye is no different, opening with the high-octane retro-rocker Dehumanise, all charging rifferama, surging organ, gang vocals and spiralling guitar splats.

Rather than hold to that simple and effective model of big, dumb and fun rocking, The Datsuns add enough diversity across this release to keep things rolling past the opening numbers – a hint of T Rex/Bowie glam here (White Noise Machine, Sweet Talk), bursts of psychedelic pop there (Moongazer), a New Wavish/sci-fi pumper in the shape of Brain to Brain, then back into straight up rocking with Bite My Tongue – all add to the complete 70s rock spectacle that is their seventh full length release. Whatever they do, though, The Datsuns never forget to rock, laying a trail of blue smoke when Other People’s Eyes drop into gear late in the piece, and Suspicion‘s huge riff and guitar/organ interplay is just downright majestic.

A huge sounding, heavy riffing and fun rock and roll record, after seven years away, The Datsuns could not have hoped for a better recording comeback than Eye to Eye.

  1. Dehumanise
  2. Warped Signals
  3. White Noise Machine
  4. Sweet Talk
  5. Brain to Brain
  6. Moongazer
  7. Bite My Tongue
  8. Raygun
  9. Suspicion
  10. Other People’s Eyes
  11. In Record Time