Using familiar elements in inventive ways

In a world where metal music seems to become more stagnant and predictable by the day, where even once innovative bands start dumbing down to follow the money, there’s nothing like a new band with a different approach to pique the interest.

Daybreak is a Perth band that may not be bringing in anything new, but they are using familiar elements in inventive ways. There are breakdowns aplenty, but Daybreak employ a refreshingly unpredictable, non-linear songwriting structure, thick with atmospherics over which they scatter jagged guitar lines. Crushing bass drops and machine-gun like bursts of riffing come out of nowhere and disappear again, occasionally accentuated by a stabbing drum fill. Each track flows seamlessly into the next, like a series of movements rather than individual songs, with deft use of space and dynamics alongside the bone-crunching heaviness, a sharp production highlights that aspect and makes a change from the murky sound of a lot of deathcore. The subterranean rumble of Mark Poida from Aversions Crown both complements and contrasts Shaun Cox’ own brutal style in the opening track and Jamie Hails from Polaris also adds some colour in ‘Repulse’ that goes beyond the usual guest appearance.

Death Dreams is a strong and individual release from a band working in a sphere that has mostly been littered with faceless clones. Should they continue in this vein and not fall victim to the cookie cutter trend they may not be the biggest band in their field, but they will always be one of the more interesting ones.

1.Lost Sentinence
2. They Don’t Know the Real You
3. The Possessor
4. Death Dreams
5. Loose Ends
6. Repulse
7. Outcast