Pioneers come out thrashing mad on album number eight

This album just launches straight into it right from the start, opening brilliantly with ‘The Moth’.

This is everything that is great about thrash: fast, heavy, and angry. The production courtesy of Jason Suecof is a very clean and natural sound, with the drums and bass coming though loud and clear.

Next track ‘Cause for Alarm’ is another great thrash number. You can really hear a band knowing their sound but pushing themselves to play tighter and faster, and really, except for a couple of spots, that is this album in a nutshell. They do try a few things here and there, and the closest they come to ballad territory is on track three ‘Lost’, and that suits me fine. When a band is on a roll this great, I hate to see them slow down. And there is a great acoustic outro on ‘Father of Lies’. Beyond that I find it hard to pick out other outstanding songs, as they are all so good.

This is the sound of a band that knows what they are good at. A great thrash band, playing great thrash. For a band that has never really stepped wrong on record, in my opinion this is just one more brilliant mark. Even if you have never heard this band before, this is a great place to check them out.

1. The Moth
2. Cause for Alarm
3. Lost
4. Father of Lies
5. Hell to Pay
6. It Can’t be This
7. Hatred United, United Hate
8. Breakaway
9. The Electric Cell
10. Let the Pieces Fall