An even more personal lyrical journey

Having already begun to drop the ‘partycore’ vibe on previous album Word is Bond this album is an even more personal lyrical journey from Deez Nuts, an attempt to bring a more serious edge to their music, and to be taken more seriously by the hardcore world at large, with a very tough, yet also, original NYHC edge to the music and lyrical tone.

Perhaps this attitude arises from the fact that the album is written completely in New York with band main man JJ Peters admitting to drawing influence from his surroundings, and openly stating that these are the kind of lyrics he has always wanted to write, not necessarily the ‘party vibe’ lyrics of old.

The album starts with a quiet build up of opening pair ‘Binge’ and ‘Purgatory’ sounding almost like British hardcore band TRC. The NYHC influence really begins to show its hand on ‘Antidote’ with its more aggressive tone, and with guest appearance from Terror’s Scott Vogel right at the end of the track, this is where the album takes off.

From here Binge & Purgatory settles into a familiar yet great hardcore stomp. Sounding like any of your favourite early bands whether that is Madball or Sick of It All, this entire album pays homage to that period in time when hardcore guys didn’t just act tough, they were.

On an album full of standout tracks, the ones that really step forward are hidden in the middle of the album like ‘Commas & Zeros’ and ‘Lessons Learned’ the later with a guest appearance by Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta helping to bring more of the positive credibility the band now seem to be aiming for.

I was never a fan of this band when I first heard them. Something about the party style of any form of music puts me off. When I first heard it in my beloved hardcore, it saddened me to think that we had finally been infected with this ridiculous modern musical farce.  On this album JJ Peters and the rest of his band are out to prove doubters like me wrong, and they have succeeded in immeasurable ways. Now they have found a fan in me, and if they keep on this more traditional trajectory they may well find themselves more than just a scene in-joke.

1. Binge
2. Purgatory
3. Antidote
4. Commas & Zeros
5. Break Out
6. Discord
7. Lessons Learned
8. Carried by Six
9. Cakewalk
10. For What it’s Worth
11. Hedonistic Wasteland
12. Remedy
13. Do Not as I Do