The false bravado has been replaced by something more genuine

Deez Nuts started out as some kind of horrible tough guy hardcore joke.  Intentional or not, they were all about style over substance. 

At some point, band leader and vocalist JJ Peters come to the realisation that while it might be fun acting like meathead in a band, being treated like one because of your woeful musical output isn’t great.  By the last album Binge & Purgatory the music and lyrics had reached an entire new level, expressing a far more serious side to the group that began to earn genuine plaudits amongst those of us that care enough about this music they didn’t like it being made into a laughing stock.

You Got Me Fucked Up is a continuation on that line of thinking. Growing even more melodic, Singalong opens the album in an unexpected manner, coming out swing from the pop-punk corner with lyrics that serve as a reminder Deez Nuts are still all about their fans, even if they take their music a bit more seriously now.

Crooked Smile jumps out with a Hazen St feel; this is a good thing, melody as well as street level hardcore crunch that felt a little under done on the opening of the album.  You Gotta Feel Me continues in a similar musical vein, an explanation of why the musical course of has changed.

The album plays out like a melting pot of the band’s own making, much of it a homage to all things old and new in hardcore and punk with the melodies, the breakdowns and the heavy riffs, yet maintains a fresh outlook courtesy of the heart-on-sleeve playing.  Whether it is the Suicidal Tendencies hardcore thrash in Axe to Grind or the Madball-like vocal flow of Bitterest End, with the band at its angriest.

This is the sound of a band that genuinely doesn’t care much for what the world at large thinks of them anymore. By and large, the false bravado has been replaced by something more genuine.  If they continue to put this much effort in and refine the loose ends of the formula, the world may be theirs for the taking.

  1. Singalong
  2. You Got Me Fucked Up
  3. Crooked Smile
  4. You Gotta Feel Me
  5. On Some Shit
  7. Fools Gold
  8. Axe to Grind
  9. Get a Grip
  10. Bitterest End