A solid death metal debut

The union of several like-minded souls from other Sydney death metal acts like Hell Itself, Exekute and Daemon Foetal Harvest, Deiformity is a band with a singular and old school approach to their music.

“Masters of War”, the first track of their debut, is offered as a tribute to Bolt Thrower. It’s a slow grinding death metal track that indeed would have easily been at home somewhere in the British legends’ catalogue, and that’s the thing about Corpse Stomper as a whole.

From the war-obsessed, battle-themed songs to the relentless, hypnotic drive, the entire album is informed by the influence of that recently-retired metal war horse. Bolt Thrower hasn’t made an album since 2005 of course and now probably never will again, so Corpse Stomper slots right into the void. Tracks like “Cadaver Factory” and “Spitting Fire” are built on a steady trudge that explodes into a mid-paced grind, while elsewhere Deiformity unleash the plodding old school savagery of “Belt-Fed Massacre” and “Bullets Ripping Flesh” upping the tempo while still maintaining a ceaseless, mesmerising rhythmic drive that characterises their approach. Loz Lamy’s vocal style is staunchly demonic and the downtuned guitars ring with a solid grind buzztone, but like any form of music where repetition is part of the aesthetic, Corpse Stomper lacks a true sense of dynamics for most of its length. That is until “Battlefield Messiah” comes charging in near the end, with the whole band ramping up a couple of gears, a pace they keep up closer “Cloud of Ash” where they also throw in some catchy guitar harmonies and a couple of solos to round things out.

While Corpse Stomper is a tad repetitive, those who like their Bolt Thrower-esque meat and potatoes slow grind will probably love it for exactly that reason, and for that reason Deiformity have delivered a solid death metal debut.

  1. Masters of War
  2. Spitting Fire
  3. Headshot
  4. Cadaver Factory
  5. Belt-Fed Massacre
  6. Corpse Stomper
  7. Twist the Blade
  8. Bullets Ripping Flesh
  9. The Body Pit
  10. Battlefield Messiah
  11. Cloud of Ash