Lay their sacrifice at the altar of heavy

Often times I find out about great new music long after it has set sail, even here, where I have the opportunity to listen to an awful lot of new music, a lot gets missed. Sometimes I am lucky enough to catch one early.

A great case in point is the album I have bleeding from the speakers as I type. A band I know little to nothing about, from my home town of Brisbane, have released a heavy slice death/black metal no one seems to have heard coming.

Beginning with a squeal of feedback before kicking straight in, ‘Stain’ points to a band that has no time to waste pleasing you with intricately played melodies or fancy technical guitar playing. With muddy guitars and a mountain of lo-fi production Descent has come to lay their sacrifice at the altar of heavy. And that’s all.

Towers of Grandiosity blisters through at an almost unabated pace, save for a few tracks like ‘Sicut Superius’ that have a sludge-meets-hardcore feel ala Soilent Green; ‘Foundation of Sand’ sees the band ramp up their already potent attack an extra notch.

Music this extreme isn’t known for its many attempts at variety. But at the same time, it manages to catch the intensity of bands such as Full of Hell who very similarly do not really bend or sway from an aural source of violence. Over and out in under half an hour is just the way music like this should be, before the intensity and darkness becomes over bearing. Descent has done a great job with what they have created here, proving once again that sometimes this music we all love does not necessarily need to be completely revamped to be enjoyed.

  1. Stain
  2. Skinwalker
  3. Confined
  4. Foundation of Sand
  5. Sicut Superius
  6. Chameleon
  7. Pedestal of Scum
  8. Sic Inferius
  9. Hindsight