Aussie thrashers show why they are top of the local heap

Tearing straight into the first track sounding like a thrash band straight from 1981, Melbourne thrashers Desecrator have finally unleashed their debut studio record. Fans of any form of heavy metal will have a smile on their face and wrecked neck by the time this album has finished its first play through.

Opening track ‘To the Gallows’ shows why this band have been such a live draw on the metal scene for a while now already. Playing fast and loose, with a very live feel to the production, every instrument ringing through loud and clear makes you feel like they are in the room with you.

‘Desert for Days’ opens with a great monologue lifted straight from Mad Max 2, a fitting tribute for a song about Australia. On ‘As I Die’ the band break out the acoustic guitars for their ballad moment, and while the change of pace on an album this intense is a welcome shift, if you have read any of my past reviews you will know by now that I don’t like the feeling of the brakes being pulled on when a band is playing this far out of their skin.

It doesn’t matter what track you try to pick for a stand out, Desecrator is on such a roll with the material to hand that you would not think this is a debut album, but one of a band that has been playing and recording this music for decades. This is another album from an Australian band that deserves worldwide attention. I don’t know what meeting I missed, but right now in this country so many bands seem incapable of releasing anything subpar no matter your favoured genre of solid heavy music.

Spread the word: Desecrator are coming for you!

1. To the Gallows
2. Desert for Days
3. Red Steel Nation
4. As I Die
5. Serpents Return
6. Hellhound
7. Thrash is a Verb
8. Down To Hell
9. Brainscan
10. Balancing on a Blade (Bonus Track)