A strangely lifeless album

Cradle of Filth clearly can’t be keeping Dani Filth busy enough these days.

The Mephisto Waltzes is the second outing from Devilment, a unit with more of a groove aspect than what his other band is probably known for. It’s a decent collection of fairly heavy tunes but really nothing beyond that to make it stand out very far past the fairly average.

This is a strangely lifeless album. Outside of a couple of guitar solos, there just isn’t enough spark to carry such an interesting concept across fifty minutes and before very long becomes a turgid and unimaginative mess. Filth, of course, brings his usual, well-honed skill set to the songs, elaborate, wordy lyrics dealing in the occult symbolism of Liszt’s original work, sung in a variety of voices that range from shrill shrieking to demonic roars, but overall the music comes across like Cradle-lite (say, Nymphetamine or Thornography) crossed with Lacuna Coil at their most uninspired. There’s simply too much of this type of metal being created right now for anything other than the most innovative and exciting to stand out, and The Mephisto Waltzes is neither of those things. That’s a shame because while there’s clearly a lot of talent behind Devilment, this isn’t exactly the best showcase for it.

1. JudasStein
2. Hithcock Blonde
3. Under the Thunder
4. Full Dark, No Stars
5. Shine On Sophie Moore
6. Life is What You Keep from the Reaper
7. Dea Della Morte
8. Entangled in Our Pride
9. Hell at My Back