Some good songs, and some OK ones

I have never been able to understand how or why some bands get to be wildly popular, or even just sort of popular. At least KISS had a stupid gimmick that made most of their fans ignore the fact that about 80% of their material is rubbish. But what about The Fucking Amity Affliction? Four #1s in a row? Who’s buying all their shitty records, and why?

I don’t know how many albums you have to sell to go #1 in New Zealand (probably not that many) but Devilskin’s done it twice now. They’re nowhere as bad as The Fucking Amity Affliction, but I can’t figure this out at all. They’re kind of metalcore-y, with a chick singer? Apparently great live – that can help, I guess.

RED is a sort of big-voiced rock chick thing, pretty much exactly like Halestorm, but all over the shop. The first track is an astonishing mess. It’s like Lzzy Hale teaming up with Lamb of God but none of them know what they’re doing for some reason. After that, they get better, even if it’s really just copying Halestorm in the same way that Airbourne rips off Johnson-era AC/DC. Except it doesn’t really have the same energy an Airbourne album does. The production is kind of flat and the riffs are just sort of there; Jennie’s great and really loud but dominates everything and while that sound is good for pop, it doesn’t work so well for hard rock.

I wanted to like this because Devilskin aren’t a shit band, just not really that special. It’s the same deal with RED. There’s some good songs, some OK ones and the rest is pretty forgettable. Oh well.

  1. Do You See Birds
  2. All Fall Down
  3. Corrode
  4. Eyes Red Heavy
  5. Same Life
  6. The Victor
  7. Blood and Bone
  8. Endo
  9. Bright Lights
  10. Sweet Release
  11. Be Like the River
  12. Everybody’s High But Me