A dynamic, scorching rocker

Recently celebrating their tenth anniversary, it’s about time Sydney’s Devine Electric released an album after a trickle of EPs over the years, and what a dynamic, scorching rocker it has turned out to be.

Recent single ‘It Happens all the Time’ means business right away with a stomping riff borrowed straight from Judas Priest overlaid with Tatts-flavoured slide guitar. The next tune ‘You’re So Vicious’ smells like Motley Crue right down to Eli Reskov’s wailing vocals and Paul Corben’s snare sound. This is, however, not just another rock band merely ripping off their influences – these evident touchstones are the springboard for a wealth of diversity across the album as the band explore their love for their chosen style of sassy hard rock.

‘Shy Love’ shows a bluesier side, ‘One on One’ has an unsurprisingly sleazy grind and a fist-bumping chorus and ‘Tears You Cry’ has a smoky bar-room vibe with bristling guitar work from Ivor Radocaj, whose playing across the album is stylish and controlled. ‘I Wanna Change the World’ is a real surprise packet, a smouldering epic filled with classic 70s organ unlike anything else on the album that shows Devine Electric bringing some more remote, less obvious influences to the table with aplomb. With great songs, neat playing and a stellar mix from Coroner guitarist Tommy Vetterli, Devine Electric is an excellent rock n roll kickstart to 2016.

1. It Happens All the Time
2. You’re so Vicious
3. Shy Love
4. One on One
5. Don’t Lie to Me
6. Tears You Cry
7. Good to See You Again
8. I Wanna Change the World
9. Don’t Feel Like Home