“An hour-long journey through the gloom of loss, loneliness and regret”

We enjoy many types of music here at Loud. It doesn’t have to be particularly heavy nor, despite the name of our site, even that loud.

Die Mortuus est Amor’s music falls into neither of those categories but is well within the scope of what we like to present here. This is an album of melancholic, brooding Goth rock and atmospheric ambient pieces with lyrics bittersweet and forlorn. Essentially the solo project of Blue Mountains-based Leith Carnie, Die Mortuus est Amor is an hour-long journey through the gloom of loss, loneliness and regret, dark minor-key tales of despair and muted frustration.

Tunes are built mainly around mournful acoustic guitar melodies and Carnie’s plaintive vocals, sometimes clear but often almost indistinguishable as in the first half of ‘Abandoned’, a song that builds quietly to ringing chords before subsiding once again. Elsewhere ‘Sickly Sweet’ has a more upbeat industrial Gothic vibe and there are echoes of The Church in ‘Not Over’, which edges toward a marketable single. Occasionally, the production lets this down, muffling some of the quieter vocals here and there and the drums sound a little too obviously programmed now and again but the compositions are strong and overall the album projects a very effective aura of melancholy, dark emotion and reflection.

1. Inadequacies
2. Abandoned
3. Awakened
4. Sickly Sweet
5. Betrayal
6. Not Over
7. Reflections
8. Weakness
9. Anger
10. Lament
11. Failure
12. Too Late