Final album by mathcore mentals is their best yet

Straight from the outset, Dillinger go straight for the throat, Greg Puciato’s intimidating howl opening single ‘Limerent Death’, a very typical all-over-the-place DEP style track, abrasive and mental.

Track two, ‘Symptom of Terminal Illness’ is almost ballad territory, done in this band’s unique fashion. On the third track ‘Not Wanting So Much As To’ their willingness to experiment comes out at about the half way mark as they segue into a small spoken word bridge before taking off again at a manic pace. Never a band afraid to experiment, ‘Fugue’ is an instrumental piece that sounds like a misplaced dance track. No other band would pull something like this off on an album so otherwise driven by talented musicianship, and completely abrasive and manic vocals.

But ‘Fugue’ is only the beginning of a great string of well thought out songs in the middle of this album. ‘Low Feels Blvd.’ starts in typical fashion before breaking down into a jazz fusion. ‘Surrogate’ sounds like a few great shorter pieces stitched together, going from a film noir soundtrack to crushing grindcore, all while holding a great melody together. ‘Honeysuckle’ has almost Latin sounding parts in it, with the middle of the song like a hyper angry The Mars Volta.

From here it is situation normal for the next couple of tracks. Album closer ‘Dissociation’ opens with sombre strings and quickly changes to a programmed drum loop with Greg’s clean vocals shining through on a track that really sounds like a final farewell. Puciato really stands out on the album for his vocal acrobatics and great lyrics, and this album feels like the band’s most cohesive, and at the same time most disparate. They have truly gone out on the highest note possible, and in career best form.

1.    Limerent Death
2.    Symptom Of Terminal Illness
3.    Not Wanting So Much As To
4.    Fugue
5.    Low Feels Blvd.
6.    Surrogate
7.    Honeysuckle
8.    Manufacturing Discontent
9.    Apologies Not Included
10. Nothing To Forget
11. Dissociation