Descends into overly sugary radio rock

Disturbed have managed to be a mainstay in the rock and metal worlds for a very long time now, despite at times becoming a parody of themselves musically.

The album title does feel fitting, as the band has done its best to continually evolve across their albums, sometimes with subtlety and others with an all out assault.

Evolution begins with the very standard ‘Are You Ready’; after a short electronic intro the vocals burst through and a very 1999 “Get Up, Get Up” refrain make it seem like something from the first couple of releases. The bouncy bassline and boof-headed lyrical content also helps the feeling that this is a long lost and recently rediscovered relic.

The stomp continues into the “Beautiful People”-like “No More” although the lyrical content does get a little wiser as the band get political and rally against the war mongers of the world. Sure it feels like easy subject matter to tackle but Disturbed always sound their best when they have a bit of piss and vinegar in them.

From here the album takes a turn for the worse with semi-acoustic power ballad “A Reason to Fight” setting an early precedent for this album to actually be a very boring AOR release with all of its mid paced tracks and low energy. Disturbed has said that this was to be their Black album and that’s something they have achieved with its descent into slower tempos and overly sugary radio rock. Sure there is something to be said for the power behind a track such as “In Another Time” or the aggressive “The Best Ones Lie”, but the album is missing a certain contained rage that they were once so good at restraining and using so well to a musical advantage.

If this is the evolution of this band I will happily continue to go in the other direction. I gave up on them when the music reached parody point on Indestructible 10 years ago, although I have given every album since a solid listen in an attempt to keep in touch with a band I once enjoyed but we have grown further and further apart.

There is some powerful lyrics on this album that I am sure will help draw people in that were a fan of their cover of “Sound Of Silence”, but for those of us on or near the band wagon for the last 18 or more years, it might just be here that we disembark for the last time.

  1. Are You Ready
  2. No More
  3. A Reason to Fight
  4. In Another Time
  5. Stronger on Your Own
  6. Hold Onto Memories
  7. Savior of Nothing
  8. Watch You Burn
  9. The Best Ones Lie
  10. Already Gone