All singalong, fist-pumping metal goodness

Doro Pesch is inarguably a queen of the metal sphere, even if her reputation is tarnished by poor song choices – witness the cruishingly awful ‘Love’s Gone to Hell’ from earlier this year as a reference point.

Cringe-inducing cheese has a habit of turning up on pretty much all of her records, which is probably why none of her solo material has ever been held up as classics in the way that Warlock records like Hellbound and Triumph and Agony are.

On stage is where it really matters of course, and having once witnessed Doro in full flight it’s the live arena where she truly shines. Still, the 30 Years of Rock and Metal DVD seems to go on for an eternity. If 61 tracks PLUS a documentary seems a bit bloated for anyone but the most devoted fan (it is), then this heavily truncated CD version is for you. For the casual listener, this more than showcases Doro’s talent as a live metal performer, the possessor of a sweet n’ savage rasp that is truly second to none and an intrinsic ability to interpret the work of others to make them her own – Dio never did a version of ‘Egypt (Chains Are On)’ that can touch the German metal queen’s. Like her myriad albums, there’s always a guest appearance or two at a Doro show and such a thing must be a terrifying concept judging by the way she completely upstages both Blaze Bayley as he struggles to hit the high notes in ‘Fear of the Dark’ and Hansi Kürsch as he phones in his parts in ‘Rock till Death’. It’s testament to Doro’s sheer magnitude as a performer that she can make both these seasoned gentlement look like amateurs. The song choices are strong too, for an artist whose catalogue is plagued with clunkers, but again Doro’s instincts in the live arena ensure that the tracks presented here are all pretty strong – ‘Earthshaker Rock’, ‘Rock till Death’, ‘Hellbound’, a version of ‘Balls to the Wall’ with Udo guesting, it’s all singalong, fist-pumping metal goodness. For validation of Doro’s importance and  power as an artist after 30 years in the game, one only needs to start right here.
1. On the Run
2. Save My Soul
3. Raise Your Fist
4. Fear of the Dark
5. Revenge
6. Earthshaker Rock
7. Without You
8. Rock till Death
9. Egypt (Chains Are On)
10. Für Immer
11. Hellbound
12. Balls to the Wall
13. You’re My Family
14. All We Are