The same old tricks they’ve used on every past album

As a whole, the genre of power metal is divided down the middle, it can be either super serious or very tongue in cheek.

Sweden’s Dream Evil have always seemed to straddle the middle of the line – their songs are well crafted and structured, yet lyrically and visually presented with a wink. All of that said, they have proven staying power with a nearly 20 year career and their newest album, the aptly titled Six.

The proceedings open well with a self titled track that possesses a good pumping groove and anthemic feel that proudly lives up to the name. The Riff flys in from all directions in tracks such as ‘The Murdered Mind’, ‘Broken Wings’ and ’44 Riders’, ‘Sin City’ goes off into glam rock territory, ‘Six Hundred and Sixty Six’, ‘Hellride’ and ‘Too Loud’ possess more cheese than a Kraft factory and of course, there are the obligatory melodic rock ballad in ‘Creature of the Night’ with its slick harmony guitar work and the anthemic album closer in ‘We Are Forever’.

The biggest issue with Six is that Dream Evil paint with the same musical colours and use the same old tricks they’ve used on every past album. While most of the songs are well done, it seems like you could take a set of lyrics from a track  from one of their older releases, put it on top of on one of the tracks from Six and it would sound the same. A good example is ‘Antidote’, very similar to the title track off In The Night with a little bit of everything else from their back catalogue thrown in for good measure.

While Six has its moments and some catchy songs, there’s really nothing new in the grand scheme of things and the repetitive nature doesn’t really help its cause. Some bands have a formula and stick to it – that works for them, but you would expect a bit more from a band of Dream Evil’s calibre. Dream Evil are a fun band with some great music in their repertoire, but Six feels like it is on auto pilot for the most part and it falls a little bit short.

1. Dream Evil
2. Antidote
3. Sin City
4. Creature of the Night
5. Hellride
6. Six Hundred And 66
7. How to Start a War
8. The Murdered Mind
9. Too Loud
10. 44 Riders
11. Broken Wings
12. We Are Forever