Like your favourite post-hardcore band never went away

At the Drive-In called time as a group apparently out of the blue after releasing career best album Relationship of Command in 2001.

At the top of their game musically, they were also at breaking point, with various drug habits and mental and physical exhaustion coming out as the reasoning for the split as time passed.

A lot has changed for the individual members of the band since those heady days. Not something that is really noticeable on this album. The band attack their instruments with all the gusto expected while Cedric Bixler-Zavala is on wailing best form with his unique vocal style.

Musically ATDI has held onto the same aggressive formula that won them so much acclaim across their first three albums. Starting with the frankly frenetic ‘No Wolf Like the Present’ that has everything from stop on a coin rhythms to squally guitar parts courtesy of Omar Rodriguez and his new offsider Keeley Davis (Sparta).

in•ter a•li•a is full of memorable moments from the anti-US election tirade ‘Governed By Contagions’ to the power of ‘Incurably Innocent’ or the more rock friendly ‘Torrentially Cutshaw’. The band has obviously thrown themselves at this reunion with great passion and the excitement oozes from every beat, rhythm and vocal line.

This is the sound of a band that has grown up both together and apart, evolving musically while not going too far from what fans wanted or expected to hear. A great return album, while also oddly predictable for those who followed band members after ATDI splintered into other bands, particularly The Mars Volta and Sparta. Enjoy this while it lasts. Hopefully they can hold it together long enough to continue on the path laid out here to release more and greater material.

1. No Wolf Like the Present
2. Continuum
3. Tilting at the Univendor
4. Governed by Contagions
5. Pendulum in a Peasant Dress
6. Incurably Innocent
7. Call Broken Arrow
8. Holtzclaw
9. Torrentially Cutshaw
10. Ghost-Tape No. 9
11. Hostage Stamps