Seminal death metal at its most gruesome

Dying Fetus have never been known for their subtlety and this album is another notch in their knife handle.

Kicking off proceedings, ‘Fixed on Devastation’ launches straight into blast beats and dry guitar tone before the band pulls the brakes on into one of their signature breakdowns and the song takes a more melodic thrash style direction.

All is normal in the world of Dying Fetus then. They are a band well known for violent technical death metal mixed with some small lashings of hardcore and melody thrown in for good measure. Band leader John Gallagher has always striven to make music that is gruesome and offensive on some level and has certainly exceeded again.

‘Die with Integrity’ is a great example of the band’s melding of this lyrical and musical intensity. The video is a short film that tells one hell of a story with litres and litres of blood spilled and bodies scattered.

The formula the band are so well known for is never really played with. If anything the guitar playing gets more technical on ‘Reveling in the Abyss’ while maintaining their signature melodic tendencies and a dirge so heavy it could break rock.

It needs to be remembered while you are listening to this album that Dying Fetus are a three piece band. All that chaos you can hear has been laid out by a fricking THREE PIECE BAND, John Gallagher, Sean Beasley and Trey Williams operating with absolute surgical precision. There is not a bad track on here and even when a track seems to be going on too long like ‘Seething With Disdain’, they throw in a widdly solo and a crunching breakdown to ensure you do not walk away  unsatisfied.

If you have never listened to this band, this is as good a start as you are going to get. If on the other hand you know what this band is capable of, what are you waiting for?

1. Fixated on Devastation
2. Panic Amongst the Herd
3. Die With Integrity
4. Reveling in the Abyss
5. Seething With Disdain
6. Ideological Subjugation
7. Weaken the Structure
8. Fallacy
9. Unmitigated Detestation
10. Wrong One to Fuck With