A monolith of sheer metal extremity

Earth Rot have already more than proved their abilities with previous issues displaying a capacity for combining the effects of blasting death and rapacious black metal. Their latest release is a further step up in extremity and construction as they slowly unveil their arsenal across the duration of Black Tides of Obscurity

The album opens on a sustained, haunting, melodic refrain onto which Earth Rot gradually pile their weaponry until it becomes a furious assault of blastbeats, howling and crushing guitars. This aesthetic is the formula on which the entire album is built, a steady increase in intensity and venom where the tension finally erupts into the scathing black metal onslaught of Ancestral Vengeance and then into The Cape of Storms. Both are relentless maelstroms where death metal and black metal strive to outdo each other while yet working together to construct a monument to extremity. In Serpent’s Ocean Earth Rot pushes the black metal aspect to the fore with a speedy descending tremolo-picked motif behind Jared Bridgeman’s scathing howls. With Mind Killer they take a step back to the Entombed-styled Swedish death metal they showed a deep love for back on Follow the Black Smoke. 

Because they’re Earth Rot they never quite keep to the one feel: Black Tides of Obscurity surges from death to black to grind, sometimes all at once, without ever descending into muddled chaos. It is extreme music with a clear vision and direction. Earth Rot’s final trick is Out in the Cold, a track that sounds like Darkthrone doing a demented blues lament. It’s wildly offbeat but strangely appropriate close out for an album of such diversity and creativity, a monolith of sheer metal extremity.

  1. Dread Rebirth
  2. New Horns
  3. Towards a Godless Shrine
  4. Unparalleled Gateways to Higher Obliteration
  5. Ancestral Vengeance
  6. The Cape of Storms
  7. Serpent’s Ocean
  8. Mind Killer
  9. Unravelling Vapour of Sanity
  10. Out in the Cold