Impeccably produced, beautifully crafted

Perth’s This Other Eden released their debut EP earlier this year – Six Seasons, an eclectic piece of alternative rock.

The band have managed to create a unique sound, though the A Day to Remember influence can’t help but shine through, especially with vocalist John Kelly’s clean vocal range. Heck, even the band refer to liking or being influenced by them on Facebook. Kelly, the diverse front man with that powerful croon dominates the album, creating harmonies that swell with the rhythm even more so when the tracks edge towards aggressive or urgent riffs.

It’s immediate from the start of this release, ‘Moonlighting’ that This Other Eden are in sync, and with three brothers part of the makeup of the band, perhaps it’s no wonder. Impeccably produced, beautifully crafted, Six Seasons, whilst not exploding with monster riffs or breakdowns at any stage, triumphs in the use of Kelly’s passionate vocals and that groovy rock sound. A downright promising snippet from what this band is capable of. Find a copy of it on iTunes, Facebook and at all their shows.

1. Moonlighting
2. Shake This
3. Only Waiting
4. Unsense
5.Better Already